Grand Theft Auto is arguably the most popular game in the world (although Fortnite is not trailing far behind). Although the game was initially released by Rockstar Games in 2013, gamers have been entranced by the series for the last five years because of the online play. The game developers continuously update challenges, missions, and attainable items online to keep fans interested. 

According to VideoGamerRockstar has released a new update to celebrate the Fourth of July, and gamers should be excited to get their America on. The update will run until next Tuesday, and includes a long list of American independence inspired discounts. Rockstar Games is currently offering 30% off the Mammoth Avenger & Renovations, Mobile Operations Center & Renovations, Vapid GB200, Grotti X80 Proto, and Imponte Ruiner 2000. There is also a 40% discount on these items:

-Vapid Liberator
-Western Motorcycle Company Sovereign
-Firework Launcher & Fireworks
-Star Spangled Banner Horns
-Patriot Tire & Parachute Smoke
-Stars n Stripes Facepaint
-Independence Day Clothing, Haircuts, Masks & Outfits
-MOC Liveries
-Independence Day Mk II Weapon Liveries

There will also be double GTA cash rewards in all missions for Smuggler's Run, Special Cargo, and Biker Sell. Hangars, Executive Offices, Special Cargo Warehouses, Biker Clubhouses, and Businesses will also be 50% off during the Fourth of July update/sale.