According to new reports, Rockstar games has confirmed that Grand Theft Auto Online has reached its highest number of players ever, an interesting statistic given its release 4 years prior. While an official player count has not been released, it has been noted that the game experienced a surge in engagement during December 2017.

This achievement comes as no surprise, as Grand Theft Auto V has continued to dominate the gaming industry for years on end, popping up on bestselling year-end lists. Furthermore, the latest instalment of the highly-popular automotive heist series sold an astounding 85 million copies across all formats, so it is safe to say that gamers are not yet tired of the saga just yet. 

Grand Theft Auto Online's success can be attributed to the game's developers and creators, who deliver new updates in order to keep their players satisfied, while also allowing the game to appear fresh and entertaining. The most recent addition to the game has been the launch of the Doomsday Heists, which features an elaborate crime story. With this update brings an entirely new arsenal of cars and outfits to choose from, as well as a fully-loaded base with a bevy of missiles and NPCs to choose from.

This effectively updates the game to feel like a brand new experience for the eager player looking for a thrill.