Grand Theft Auto V may be five years old, but that hasn't stopped gamers from playing the title. Rockstar Games is still raking in millions a year off their crime-drama game, and modders continue to enhance the experience with interesting updates. Most recently, Grand Theft Auto V modder JulioNIB added his own twist to the game, with an update that allows gamers to fly around as Magneto from the X-Men. 

Marvel's popular group of mutants boast two of the most powerful characters in their universe, Professor X and Magneto. The two characters operate as a Martin Luther King Jr./Malcolm X influence on the mutant race, with one pushing for peace and the other pushing for domination. Magneto usually falls on the domination side, although, much like Malcolm, he's had a change of heart over the years. JulioNIB opted to go for the human killing Magneto for his GTA V mod though, and we couldn't be more excited. 

In an epic four-minute video, JulioNIB flys around Los Santos as the purple-clad villain and destroys the city with ease. Magneto flings cars around, rips planes out of the sky, yanks poles from the ground, and pretty much owns anything made of metal in the game.