The Academy Awards crowned Green Book as the year's Best Picture, an honor that surpasses the film's worth according to many critics. An email penned by producer Charles Wessler has added yet another reason for people to hate on the movie. He sent a scathing email to a writer named Jenni Miller, in reaction to her unfavorable review late last year. The critic uploaded screenshots of his condescending litany via Twitter. Other writers chimed in saying they had received similar emails from the production as well.

Read Wessler's grievances below.

Mike Coppola/VF19/Getty Images 

In the email, Wessler slams the writer for inattention. He attempts to prove this lack of consideration by pointing out how she identified Tony Lip, the character played by Viggo Mortensen. His “name is Tony NOT Frank,” Wessler wrote. His criticism is sad and ironic considering the fact that Lip's legal name is actually Frank Anthony Vallelonga. 

What seemed to bother Wessler the most, however, were the claims of his racial insensitivity. The producer insists “Green Book is the furthest thing from a racist movie” and that “African Americans for the most part LOVE this film.” He also pointed out that "it was made by black and white people."

His acceptance speech excluded Dr. Don Shirley, the Black man whose story was (inaccurately) told through Green Book. In the press room, Wessler justified the film's misrepresentation of Shirley by claiming he was simply unaware of his family's existence and therefore could not make the proper adjustments.