Gregg Popovich has the most total head coaching wins in NBA history and has picked up five NBA championships in 23 seasons with the San Antonio Spurs. In many ways, he's the Bill Belichick of the NBA without all of the cheating allegations. Yesterday, Popovich was asked about his contract negotiations with the San Antonio Spurs where he took the opportunity to crack a few jokes and even hint that he would, in fact, be coming back.

"That's up in the air," Popovich said via KENS-TV. "I'm currently … I've never talked about my contract in all these years. Never had an agent. Never talked about the contract. Just like R.C. (Buford, Spurs general manager) don't talk about free agents or trades, or anything. My contract is basically my business, but I'll break the rule this time. I'm currently in a negotiation that I could very well end up with the Portofino Flyers or Positano Pirates. I think that it's like one-third Positano, one-third Portofino and one-third San Antonio, so we'll see where it ends up."

According to ESPN's Adrian Wojnarowski, a contract extension is all but confirmed for Popovich. The contract would be a three-year extension that would keep him as the highest paid head coach in the league. This new deal is all contingent on Popovich committing himself to his 24th season with the team which at this point is a foregone conclusion.

Popovich has led the Spurs to 22 straight NBA Playoff appearances which is a league record.