Over the past week or so, the NBA has been in a bit of a sticky situation with China after Houston Rockets GM Daryl Morey sent a tweet where he showed support for protesters in Hong Kong. Morey was forced to send an apology after China completely cut ties with the Rockets following his comments. The NBA immediately folded to the demands of the Chinese government as the league decided not to comment any further on political matters.

Coaches like Steve Kerr and Gregg Popovich have been quick to comment on political matters in the past but this time, they folded to the financial pressures set forward by a relationship with China. This drew criticism from President Donald Trump and now, Coach Pop is clapping back. While talking to reporters, Popovich let his feelings on Trump be known.

"All I did was make a comparison between Adam Silver's show of principle and courage in a tough situation, as opposed to how our president reacts in the company of authoritarian figures," Popovich said. "Whether it's Saudi Arabia or North Korea or Russia or Turkey, or whatever it is, he comes off as pretty feckless, impotent, and cowardly by comparison.”

Popovich went on to say that he stands by commissioner Silver and that he would rather make political statements on things he is well versed in. For now, it seems like the NBA is more than happy to stand idle and let China do as they please.