U.K. grime rapper Solo 45 began trial after being accused of committing multiple rapes. The rapper is currently facing charges of 22 counts of rape, two charges of actual bodily harm, five false imprisonments, and two assaults my penetration, The Bristol Post reports. 

Jim Dyson/Getty Images 

Four different women accused the grime emcee of rape. He appeared in Bristol Crown Court in London yesterday (Jan 10th) to hear the testimonies of his accusers. The court heard the alleged sex crimes the rapper committed during the first day of trial. Prosecutor Christopher Quinlan QC told the court that Solo 45 committed cruel acts against his alleged victims such as waterboarding, pouring bleach into the mouth's of one of the women, imprisoning, and raping them.

“She was his prisoner,” Quinlan said about one of the alleged victims. “Her freewill was gone entirely.”

One of the women claimed he told her that he "got off making people cry.

Police obtained video evidence of the alleged sex acts committed by Solo 45 which the jury watched during trial. The prosecutor claimed that he would film some of the acts carried out "for prosperity."

“What happens is, quite simply, brutal,” Quinlan told the jurors. “They are both naked. She is upset. At all times he is directing her what to do.”

Solo 45 denies all of the accusations made by all four women. He claimed that the sex between himself the accusing parties was consensual.

The trial is expected to last for five weeks.