UK rapper Stormin passed away after a battle with skin cancer. The news was confirmed by Metro, who reported the rapper's passing earlier this morning. The Grime community has been remembering his legacy throughout the day, with several prominent voices sharing their condolences across social media. Stormin was known for his influential work with the N.A.S.T.Y Crew alongside D Double E, Footsie, and Jammer, and had amassed a legendary reputation within the underground scene. 

Stormin was originally diagnosed with skin cancer in 2016, which he went on to address in his album Be Right Back. The disease didn't stop his musical output, and Stormin had continued to drop music up until the beginning of February. A little over a week ago, Stormin shared a photograph on his Instagram of himself in a hospital bed, writing "keeping strong and fighting hard." Now, Grime artists are in mourning, with plenty of thoughts, memories, and well-wishes hitting social media.

Giggs referred to Stormin as a "Grime legend," writing "I’ve been seeing him thru his instagram battling with skin cancer. Now this morning I see this,so sad. Life is to short man,My prayers go out to him and his family." Voices like Skepta, Lethal Bizzle, and Dizzee Rascal have also paid their respects. While he may be gone, it's clear that the impact he had on Grime culture will not be forgotten. Rest in peace Stormin.