Westside Gunn's ultimate vision for the Griselda movement is finally coming together, with 2020 poised to be a major year for the Buffalo-bred rap collective. While it's no secret that Conway, Benny The Butcher, and even Gunn himself (though he might sell his own ability short) are among the game's most dangerous lyricists, it still remains exciting to see them hit various radio stations and leave a trail of destruction in their wake. Now, the trifecta (along with associated lyricist Rick Hyde) has come through to bless Charlie Sloth's Fire In The Booth with a freestyle, with the first part available on Apple Music.

While Fire In The Booth generally tends to come complete with some accompanying visuals, the full session has yet to drop as of this moment. You can catch Part 1 of the freestyle via Apple Music below, which finds Benny dropping off his signature bars over a grimy instrumental. "It's a real safe hazard if you still yay traffic," he raps. "Show where that money coming from, still pay taxes."

Conway holds it down as well, eliciting a few satisfied ad-libs of approval from Sloth himself. "Every verse I'm applying more," he spits, deep in focus. "I heard 6ix9ine testified, I ain't surprised at all / we doing walk-ups my n***a we ain't driving by / I brought flea with me and he been dying to slide / my n***a did ten years for letting iron fly." Check out a preview of the inevitably-epic cypher below, and stay tuned for that full version to hit shortly.