For many artists, the early years of their careers are when they find their groove. It's a time where they're perfecting their craft, solidifying their approach to music, defining who they are as lyricists, and, sometimes, creating an alter ego persona. We'd like to think that rappers are their whole, authentic selves when we see them on stage or in music videos, but often, they're putting on a front for entertainment purposes.

Guapdad 4000 didn't want to go that route, as he recently shared with XXL. The Oakland rapper gave a little insight as to how his career blossomed, citing that it was his aunt who may have first planted hip hop dreams into his head. "Music kinda run in my family. I got a auntie who pretty crazy," Guapdad said. "She used to make us rap. Well, not make us. She used to let us rap and like she had camcorders and sh*t."

The home movies turned into full-on productions. "We'd make music videos and dress up in her furs and be pimps and like slap fake hoes and sh*t. And that was my intro to music right there," However, he realized the act wasn't what he wanted to do. "But I would get older and not want to make that type of music, per se. I was throwing parties with my brothers...and then we would become rappers outta that." Watch Guapdad 4000's full interview with XXL below and check out what he said about how he got his name and what he thinks of women who ask him if his voice is real.