If you're a fan of luxury footwear, you've surely kept an eye on what Gucci has been doing in the last few years. With the Ace model and their newer trends, the fashion brand has cemented themselves as one of the leaders when it comes to high-end sneakers. Alongside Balenciaga, Gucci makes some of the most coveted silhouettes in the game. While Adidas and Nike are still running the footwear game for the most part, Gucci is a nice treat that you deserve every once in a while. If you grew up gaming on a SEGA console, you'll want to listen up because the Alessandro Michele-designed brand has just unveiled a new version of the Rhyton kicks inspired by the vintage game system.

Available at Selfridges for $785, the Gucci Rhyton SEGA leather sneakers have just been added to the brand's growing fall collection. In the past, the Rhyton design has been popular in its cream and hot pink colorways, flaunting giant logos on the side. This is more of the same, except in blue. The Rhyton has acted as Gucci's answer to Balenciaga's Triple S in a way, going after the bulky aesthetic that everybody is seeking right now.

With payday coming up, you'll need to secure a bag before copping these but for the nostalgia alone, it may be worth it. Take a look at the new kicks and let us know your thoughts.