While they have both had very successful runs individually in 2017, both Gucci Mane and Migos have had at least one hit collabroation working together with the single "I Get The Bag." Coming off of Guwop's recent album Mr. Davis, the Atlanta mainstays combined for a song that, in its essence, is a sleek personification of where the trap sound is at right now. Fresh off a renewed record deal with Atlantic and a new autobiography that will surely be filling the stockings of many hip-hop fans this holiday season, it's only fitting that Gucci Mane would bring the all-star trio along with him to Jimmy Kimmel Live to perform a live version of "Bag" for an enthusiastic studio audience.

The performance was part of Kimmel's recurring concert series that often ends episodes of his late-night TV show. Standing in front of a backdrop that featuring images of $100 bills flying through the air, the four rappers took to the stage and proceeded to dazzle those in attendance with a really strong live showing. Clad most in black (except for the DJ in the back, who donned a blue jacket), both Gucci and all of the Migos were sporting their fair share of bling as well, making the most of the opportunity to show off their lavish lifestyle while television cameras were pointed at them. There was also a cartoon rendering of the faces of all four men that stayed as a more or less permanent image on the backdrop, behind the animated dollar bills, that built up this sense of camaraderie between the emcees.

It was a nice change for Migos in particular, who were the subject of a lot of criticism from rap music fans yesterday, following the news that they had jumped fellow artist XXXTentacion and attempted rain some heavy blows upon him. While the footage of the fight didn't make it any clearer if the trio were actually the ones who tried to assault X, the story was one that certainly put a dent in their otherwise positive PR outlook. XXXTentacion later responded with several videos on social media, railing against the Migos for what they did. You can check some of those out here.