Albeit a little gaudy and in-your-face, Gucci Mane's fashion is pretty incredible. He's known for his influence on Atlanta's trap music scene, as well as for his formidable post-prison transformation, but one thing that doesn't get enough recognition is the Wopster's style. Whenever he steps out, he's always got on a tremendous 'fit, complete from head-to-toe with the finest designer garments. 

With that said, Gucci Mane wants fashion to be part of tomorrow's Verzuz battle against his longtime rival Jeezy.

Filming a new video to promote their face-off, Guwop confirmed that he will be in the same room as The Snowman tomorrow night, asking him to dress up in his best outfit since, according to Wop, fashion will be judged.

"Check this out, for everybody asking me, the Verzuz is real," confirmed Gucci. "Me and Snow Cone will be in the same room but this is what I wanna know, right? Is fashion a part of the Verzuz? 'Cause I'ma have that shit on tomorrow. And if buddy has on the same funny-ass shirt and the dumbass hat he had on in the goddamn album cover, I ain't doing it."

Of course, Gucci is referring to the freshly-revealed album cover for The Recession 2, which shows Jeezy with a leather hat and matching shirt.

Generally, fashion is not judged as part of the Verzuz battles, but Monica did cause a stir with her thigh-high boots. They've both better prepare their outfits as well as their hits because, if they fail on that part of the challenge, they'll surely be seeing their names trending for the wrong reasons.

Watch the Verzuz battle between Gucci Mane and Jeezy tomorrow night.