Gucci Mane is a changed man but he has undoubtedly been showing sides of his old self that fans haven't seen a long time. For example, earlier this month, the rapper returned to the 'Gram where he referred to himself as "the dude who killed ya friend and robbed ya buddies" which can easily be interpreted as a shot towards his life-long nemesis and Jeannie Mai's current boyfriend, Jeezy

Rich Fury/Getty Images

In a recent Instagram Live, Gucci Mane revealed that he's closer to returning to his old self than ever before. It's unclear who's pissed him off in recent times but whoever you are, just know that big GuWop is prepared. The rapper revealed that he has an alligator pond for no other reason than to feed an opp to one of his apparent reptiles. "I'ma show y'all where we gon' throw the bodies at. You get your stupid ass wrong," he said as he walked closer to a pond. "Down here with these alligators. Feed your ass to these alligators. So if you ever try this shit, fuck n***a, that's where you goin'," he added.

Hopefully, Gucci Mane doesn't actually have to use his alligator-filled moat for that purpose but if anybody does try to break into his home, don't say he never warned ya. 

Peep the clip below.