2017 may be winding down, but Gucci Mane continues to move and prosper. The recently married Guwop has consistently managed to find new ways to secure the bag, even if it means allegedly charging Jake Paul the most hated two-hundred-and-fifty grand for a feature. Not to mention, Gucci recently renewed his record deal with Atlantic records for a reported ten million dollars. Luckily for Guwop fans, the Atlanta legend has yet to lose his creative inspiration; in fact, he's currently hard at work on his upcoming album El Gato The Human Glacier. It's unclear whether or not Gucci means to go for the hat trick and release his third project of the year before New Year's Day, but either way, we'll be getting a taste of El Gato sooner than expected.

Guwop took to Twitter to announce that the as-of-yet untitled first single off El Gato The Human Glacier will be dropping this Friday, presumably at midnight. 

While some might wonder if Gucci will be capable of keeping up this level of high-quality output, fear not. Gucci seems to be well in tune with the sauce, and has previously teased the El Gato recording sessions as nostalgic: "I feel like I'm a brand new artist working on his 1st album." Clearly, the hunger has yet to leave, and he're hoping that Gucci can come through with his best project yet. DropTopWop was a personal favorite of the year, and Mr. Davis was a solid followup effort. In fact, post-prison Gucci has been on an undeniable winning streak. I mean, dude even has a book on the New York Times bestseller list. If that's not killing the game, you need to reevaluate your standards.

Stay tuned for more news on El Gato The Human Glacier. Knowing Gucci Mane, it could be any day now.