Gucci Mane looked like a new man after his release from prison in 2016. He lost a lot of weight, became sober and lost his demeanor as the "East Atlanta bogeyman" as he described himself as in The Autobiography Of Gucci Mane. Gucci Mane looked and acted so different upon his release from prison that conspiracy theories arose as to whether he's actually Gucci Mane or a clone. However, he's happy about how he's transformed into a different person.

Gucci Mane previously admitted that he felt that his recent stint in person helped him become a better person. In a recent profile with GQ, the Atlanta rapper reflected on his transformation and the Gucci Mane clone conspiracy theory.

"In a way I feel like I grew. I kind of morphed into a different person. Shed some of my old ways. I can say I grew up. I love the person I was, I love the person I am, and I love the person I grew to be." He said, "I tried to lose weight, I tried to take care of myself, change my thinking, my environment and associates—the ones that wasn't benefitting me. I guess that's the transformation everybody's saying they can't believe. But I can believe it."

Gucci continued to open up on whether he feels his transformation was disappointing to some of his fans that were drawn to his fast lifestyle.

"Like they say—sometimes people kind of want you to fail. They wanna see you fall. I get it. People love to see tragedy. You going through the worst things in your life—for somebody else, that's entertainment." He said.

Interestingly enough, the clone conspiracy theory was recently mentioned by Kid Buu who claimed that he was a clone like Gucci Mane and Michael Jackson in an interview with Vlad. You could peep that here.