Gucci Mane just posted a sneak peak of his new music video for "Yeah Yeah," a previously released blammer with Yung Mal & Hoodrich Pablo Juan.  The 45 second sampler gives fans an insider's look at the video shoot taking place at a marina. Gucci Mane begins by shouting out Ralo, ZMoney, Lil Quill, Lil Wop & Lil Baby, all in attendance signifying a roll call for artists signed to 1017 the label, barring Lil Baby who works exclusively out of QC Music.

Hoodrich Pablo can be seen dripping designer with money spread out like a fan, as the videographer takes a close up shot. Within the limits of time, Pablo also takes a moment to brag about his Delantic boxer briefs, a rare item from Gucci Mane's clothing capsule to go along with the sweatsuits he produced with Stadium Goods.

Like any Gucci Mane video shoot worth its weight in gold, Gucci Mane defies expectations that he cut himself off from excessive showiness. The eye-candy is present, as is the focus of the camera on luxury signifiers. Gucci Mane's teaser ends with several undubbed visuals flashed before the screen, one depicting Yung Mal lying on a literal bed of women, the other, a gang of them doing the ka-ching motion with their arms.

Check out the song down below.