For somebody that wasn't taking rap seriously such a short time ago, Gunna may be able to capitalize on his talent and make some bank. Gunna's star-studded Drip Season 3 dropped last month and it was impressive enough to catch Gucci Mane's attention, with whom Gunna held his own with alongside Travis Scott on YSL buddy Young Thug's track "Floyd Mayweather." It appears as though Gucci liked the project so much that he wants Gunna to be part of his 1017 label, tweeting out the following: "Somebody tell @1GunnaGunna I got a million for him to sign today to the #EvilGenius #NoCap #1017vsTheWorld." 

In an era where Lil Pump is asking for $15 million to sign and rappers are blowing up overnight, Gucci's offer of $1 million may not seem extravagant by any means. However, in the grand scheme of things, for a rapper who is gaining traction in the industry and did not necessarily consider his former hobby as a career, the offer is substantial. Fan reactions are mixed, with some saying Gunna should go for it, especially with 1017 backing him, and others urging him to counter for more money. 

In spite of everything, wherever Gunna takes his talents, he has shown that he can make a legitimate impact in hip-hop. With his stock continuing to grow, $1 million will probably be laughable for the southern talent in a few years.