A couple weeks ago Gucci announced via Twitter that he was working on a film to accompany his book The Autobiography Of Gucci ManeIt was a sure way to get fans even more excited about another venture before his upcoming album The Evil Genius arrives. 

Today Gucci comes at us with another update, that he's working on a second book, saying "#TheAutobiographyOfGuccimane was just the beginning!!"

Gucci's first book touched on his roots in Alabama and Atlanta and detailed all the trials and tribulations to his current success - including years behind bars, murder charges and drug addiction. You can only wonder what else Gucci has to write about and what the theme of the second book will be about, but only time will tell. 

Some of Gucci's other business moves outside of #GuwopTheAuthor, is his recent interest in signing Lil Pump to his 1017 Records. Gucci falls in line with DJ Khaled who also had interest in taking on Pump after his Warner Bros. contract fell through. Pump recently declared that he wouldn't sign for anything less than $15 million, so we'll have to see if Gucci is still into the idea.