Gucci Mane is still reeling from the success of his recent Verzuz battle with Jeezy, a tilt that not only squashed fifteen years of deep-rooted animosity but captivated the attention of over 9.1 million viewers. In the wake of the event, both Jeezy and Guwop expressed their desire to move the culture forward, understanding the importance that reconciliation would have on the rap game. 

Gucci Mane

Mark Horton/Getty Image

"I did this sh*t for the culture," wrote Gucci, the Friday after the dust had settled and the videos of their shared "So Icy" collaboration had time to circulate. Otherwise, Guwop has been relatively quiet on the matter, opting to share further insight into his mentality by way of Instagram captions and updates. On that note, it would appear he has been thoroughly seized by the Verzuz bug, using his platform to express interest in staging another massive battle and opening the floor for fan suggestions.

"I heard our battle @verzuztv broke numbers it was historic we run the culture who y’all want me to battle next?" captions Gucci, flexing his role in an event frequently deemed historic. With many having categorized Jeezy as the perfect Guwop opponent on a variety of levels, discussion about a follow-up opponent -- whether Swizz and Timbo would opt to go in that direction to begin with -- has been interesting to observe. Where some have wondered whether the East Atlanta Santa still has gas in the tank, others were quick to point out the myriad classic tunes Gucci neglected to slide into his setlist.

Do you think Gucci should have another Verzuz battle in the near future? And if so, who would you consider to be a welcome match for the iconic rapper?