Gucci Mane is facing a lawsuit from his baby mama over an increase in child support payments and she's usng his BET-aired wedding as proof that he could afford it.

According to The Blast, Gucci Mane's baby mother Sheena Evans is demanding a major increase in child support payments from the rapper. She's demanding that he pays $20K a month in child support for their son Keitheon who was born in 2007. The two of them initially reached an agreement in 2011 and Evans was given primary custody of the child while Gucci Mane was granted visitation. The rapper was ordered to pay $2026 a month for child support which was decided by how much he made per month. At the time, the rapper was making $24K a month.

In court documents, Sheena claimed  “significant change in circumstances” has occurred since the initial agreement in 2011. She explained how necessary a caregiver was in order to watch their son throughout the day. She said that she can't afford one right now and since she has to watch their child, she's unable to work or go to school.

Sheena is also using Gucci Mane's ventures in business and entertainment as a reason as to why he could afford $20K a month. She has an issue with the fact that he spends a lot of money on jewelry and also spent $1M for his wedding which was aired on BET last fall. She believes that his financial success these days is proof that he could pay more than $2K a month on child support.

Now, she wants $20K a month on child support from Gucci Mane and also requests that he takes out a $5M life insurance policy. Additionally, she's asking him to pay $15K in lawyer fees.