One thing that has always been consistent in Gunna's music is his affinity for designer clothes, nice diamonds, and constantly looking incredibly fresh. On Travis Scott's song "Yosemite," Gunna raps the first line of the song saying "Ice on my neck, flawless baguettes." It's that line that pretty much tells you a lot about what Gunna likes to talk about in his rhymes, and as we've seen from his work so far, it always sounds pretty good.

Considering all of this, it is no surprise that Gunna continues to acquire new jewelry to make himself even icier. His latest fashion accessory is a two-finger diamond-encrusted ring that is in the shape of a snake. The flashy piece was created by famous jeweler Elliott Eliantte who can be heard referenced in various hip-hop songs.

"Eliantte Two Finger Slime 🐍 Ring Custom Made And Designed For @gunna #ShouldaWentToElliot," Eliantte wrote on Instagram. It isn't disclosed how much Gunna paid for the piece but knowing who it was made by tells us that it's good enough quality to probably have cost him quite a bit of money.

Most recently, Gunna was seen in Paris for Fashion Week and was also featured on Future's new album The Wizrd on the song "Unicorn Purp" with Young Thug.