Anyone who has ever experienced an act of petty theft is familiar with one harsh reality: sometimes, a lost piece of property is destined to remain lost forever. Frustrating though it may be, misplaced or stolen backpacks, computers, and bags often find themselves trading hands; only the spirit of a good samaritan is capable of righting the balance for good. Hopefully, Gunna and his manager can experience a stroke of luck, or better yet, a holiday miracle.

As it happens, the rapper's manager Ebonie Ward had her Balenciaga bag stolen at a Walmart in the Old National parking lot. She quickly took to Instagram to pen a message, imploring those in the area to keep a watchful eye for the no doubt recognizable bag. "5k for the Yellow Balenciaga bag to be returned that was stolen at the Walmart on Old National parking lot. I have documents and items that can't be replaced inside keep the money. Every n***a dat swear he loves me call da hood I need my bag back tonight!!"

Gunna himself took to Instagram to double down on the message, throwing his own weight behind the reward. Hopefully, the bag can find itself back into the hands of its rightful owner. It is, after all, the Holiday season. Best of luck to Gunna and his team.