For our latest digital cover story, we got the chance to visit Gunna and Lil Baby on the set for their "Drip Too Hard" music video shoot. This lead single for Drip Harder is a tightly-wound showcase of both their talents; Baby's hook is an infectious earworrm tailor-made for the Billboard charts while Gunna's verse is a surprisingly lyrical showcase of his oft-understated wordplay. The song peaked at an impressive #25 on the Hot 100. Their chemistry on set seemed to reflect this fervent demand for their music as they orchestrated their own fashion show of sorts, one that not only showcased the models at hand, but their own unique drip. 

From the outfits that dominated the genre's formative years to N.W.A., Outkast, The Lox and The Diplomats, pitting close collaborators against each other has always been a favorite pastime for hip-hop heads. We've done it ourselves on numerous occasions. But with Baby and Gunna, this task may prove to be more difficult than anticipated. Drip Harder is a carefully curated exhibition of what fans seem to adore from both artists. At 13 tracks, it follows the Super Slimey approach of sequencing, one that undercuts the collaborative efforts with stellar solo standouts from both. Presumably, this method is meant to boost their own respective talents while still delivering on the chemistry promised to the fans. 

With such careful consideration placed into the creation of this project, will a head-to-head comparison of the two prove to be useless? Let's see!

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