Rappers have been known to do weird things at live shows sometimes. Typically it's along the lines of doing a massive stage dive off the top of the scaffolding or something, but GZA is much classier than that.

A video recorded by an artist named FrakTheMC shows GZA, standing on stage and making a move on a chess board that a member of the crowd is holding up to him. While it can't be heard in the video, the tweet claims that he continued to play the game while rapping his set list. That's a pretty incredible feat of brainpower to be able to focus on both of those things at once, though GZA has been rapping so long that he can probably do it off of instinct by now.

The question that instantly comes up is how did the audience member manage to keep a steady chess board throughout an entire rap show, but we don't really need to go there.

It's going to be a busy year for the Wu-Tang Clan this year. The 25th anniversary of their legendary debut album Enter The Wu-Tang (36 Chambers), and to help commemorate the occasion, they're working on the release of a brand new album, with Ghostface Killah taking charge of the project instead of RZA.

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