As we reported, there was a major Twitter hacker scam last month that targeted some of the biggest names in the nation. Kanye West, Barack Obama, Bill Gates, Elon Musk, Joe Biden, and Jeff Bezos are just a few of the accounts that were hacked. Each of their Twitter accounts shared a message that instructed followers to send $1,000 to the same Bitcoin address. The reward would be a doubled deposit, or $2,000 back. According to TMZthe hackers responsible were teenagers from Florida. 

Graham Ivan Clark was arrested Friday morning in Tampa, Florida for orchestrating the hacking scam. He is 17 years old and facing 30 felony charges. Clark was able to steal over $100,000 in Bitcoin through the scam. The hacking method itself doesn't appear to be too complicated. Allegedly, the hackers were able to trick Twitter employees through a massive phishing message. Those employees handed over vital information that allowed the hackers to then trick higher level Twitter employees, which gave them access to high profile accounts. Two other hackers were arrested in connection with the scam as well. Mason Sheppard (19) and Nima Fazeli (22), from the U.K. and Orlando, respectively. They were charged in a California federal court, but all of their charges have yet to be released.