If you've been to a music festival, you know how important it is to pull off a strong outfit. And when you happen to be attending all three days of a festival, it can be quite the challenge to keep the strength of all three of your fits at a consistent level. Nonetheless, Hailie Jade Scott Mathers managed to achieve this impressive feat at Lollapallooza this past weekend. Hailie posted a single solo shot of herself on each day of the Chicago festival and her one million followers marveled. On the first day of Lolla, Hailie gave to us a simple black shirt tucked into black shorts, accentuated with white ankle-high boots. Day 2 brought vintage vibes with a cropped Van Halen tee with beige corduroy shorts. And to finish it all off, Hailie rocked a bikini top, short shorts and snakeskin-printed boots for the final day. And if you've been to a music festival - whether your fits were trash or not - the caption on her last photo will be all-too-relatable: “lolla, i love you but i’m feeling hella thankful that i have a year to recuperate before i attempt to survive you again ✌️”. 

There may always be the slightly disorienting feeling of seeing the baby girl that Eminem sang to years ago all grown up now, but we can still cheer on Hailie as a 23-year-old with killer style.