There are fluctuating rules when it come s to "Bro Code" and "Girl Code," but Halle Berry is putting her foot down when it comes to her friend's past lovers. The actress has been flaunting her budding relationship with celebrated musician Van Hunt, and according to her own rules, he hasn't been involved with any of her girlfriends. Halle recently appeared on an episode of her Instagram series Bad & Booshy where she and her co-host, stylist Lindsay Flores, discussed if it was appropriate for someone to enter into a relationship with their friend's ex.

Flores told Berry that she would never do such a thing and the actress replied, "Well, you wouldn't want to." Berry called the act "a cardinal sin" adding, "You don't date your bestie's exes. If I know you, I'm not dating your past nothin' 'cause that's just not cool." Lindsay posed the scenario of, "What if that's your soulmate?" Still, Halle wasn't having it.

"My soulmate is not in the form of anybody I know's exes," the actress responded matter-of-factly. Halle clarified that even if her friend only went out with the person once or twice, it's still out of the question. Judging by Lindsay's face, she may think differently. Check out the ladies as they sip a little something and vent about Girl Code below.