A deranged man has been trying to take over Halle Berry's home, and he's come dangerously close to invading the actress's property. Back in January, a 59-year-old man by the name of Ronald Eugene Griffin was first spotted at Berry's house messing around with her locks. The only reason he left the property was because Berry's gardener attempted to approach him.

Then in March, workers at Berry's home called the police to report that there was a trespasser on the property. According to the report, Griffin was there trying to get in with a locksmith. He claimed that he was the new owner of the house and had the paperwork to prove it. TMZ reports that there is at least one incident where he had one lock changed, and when he was confronted by workers that time, he called the cops on them

Frazer Harrison/Getty Images

When cops arrived on the scene, it wasn't difficult to determine that Griffin didn't live on the property. Detectives have spoken with Berry about Griffin, and she claims to not know who is he is. Griffin was arrested and charged with petty theft and a felony count of procuring and offering a false warranty deed. It looks like Griffin was trying to pass illegal documents to take ownership of the house without even knowing that the property belonged to Berry. His bond was set at $36K.