On Thursday, Halle Berry and longtime BFF Lindsay Flores posted another episode of their short IGTV show called “Bad & Booshy.” This episode is the sixth installment of the duo’s series, where they talk about humorous and feminine topics while enjoying drinks together. Their sixth episode covers pregnancy and starts off with Lindsay saying that Halle “didn’t need any help” during either of her pregnancies with daughter Nahla and son Maceo. 

Lindsay actually says that Halle was the most “annoying” pregnancy person since she was essentially radiating love the entire time, she never got fat, and was never uncomfortable. Halle agrees, telling the audience that she walked around naked every day of both of her pregnancies and that she felt sexy all the time. She jokingly says, “I was walking around naked, I was like ‘bam, look at this!’ ‘boom, look at this!’” 

Lindsay says that Halle’s attitude left her feeling hopeful for her pregnancies, thinking that it would be the most exciting feeling in the world. “And then,” Lindsay says, “it went to shit.” Instead of the loving, glowing symptoms Halle had, Lindsay was sick, in pain, and gained a lot of weight. 

The BFFs then go on to talk about the more graphic things about childbirth, Lindsay asking if Halle ever felt like her “asshole was in a vice, being stretched?” Halle says, laughing, that she has actually felt that feeling before, “but not because of childbirth.” 

There will be five additional episodes of Bad & Booshy coming soon, but you can watch the most recent one below.