In between touring the world, breaking up with G-Eazy and recently getting back together, and also dealing with Machine Gun Kelly claiming they hooked up and then clapping back calling him "pathetic," Halsey has made time to create a new single and it's arriving next week. The 23-year-old singer announced on Instagram that "Without Me" will be dropping on October 4th and the news came with a seductive video boasting a teaser. 

Some of the lyrics are shared in the clip that sees her under a shower with a white t-shirt, "Said I'd catch you if you fall/Does it ever get lonely?" 

“I’m definitely his person,” Halsey previously stated when asked about being there for G-Eazy after passing of his friend, Mac Miller. “I think any kind of person, celebrity or not, feels like they’re bothering people when they talk about their problems,” she added, detailing how it's important to have “good people around you who won’t make you feel like you’re bothering them.”