Perhaps inspired by her Libra brother Lil Wayne, who likes to ride "drop top in the winter with the heat on," Halsey wore a crop top in the winter and turned the heat on at the finale of The Voice. She performed her huge current hit "Without Me" along with a dramatized dance duet involving body paint and the dancer Jade Chynoweth

Halsey was proud that she could do a performance on national TV about "a wlw[lesbian] couple and their emotional journey." She followed this statement up with a simple "representation matters." Even though, after the performance, "lots of people are angry,"  Halsey wrote "I’m proud I got to put this on so many television screens tonight. Younger me is stoked."

Although the footage of the performance hasn't been released online yet, she performed the same song (in a similar outfit) a little while back at this year's Victoria's Secret fashion show, a performance you can watch below, along with another Lil Wayne classic with another classic drop-top line: "hop in my shit and say goodbye/cause the ceilin's leavin."