Yesterday was #NegroSolstice, a twist on the annual Winter Solstice event. The fictional holiday was made up on Twitter, declaring that Black people were supposed to receive superpowers on this day. The tale inspired memes and outlandish tweets joking about acquiring superpowers, however, Black Twitter was not too happy about biracial pop star, Halsey, joining in on the fun.

Halsey shared a tweet joking about receiving very little winter solstice powers, and Twitter felt the need to remind her that she is biracial and she is “not getting any powers.” 

The tweet read, “the gods giving me my ration of powers,” with a gif attached showing a man adding very little seasoning to a bowl, and comments criticizing her quickly began to flood her timeline. Many people forget, or else never even knew, that Halsey’s dad is Black, and took offense to her tweets about receiving powers. 

“You’re not getting any, ur white passing,” one person said. Another user wrote, “u gonna be flying and lose your powers mid-air don't get too comfy.” 


However, Halsey’s humor seemed to have gone over their heads entirely as she clarified that her tweet was the exact joke that everyone was filling her replies with.

Everyone [is] like “U GET NO POWERS” I’m like that’s literally the joke I made !!!! sit down,” the “Without Me” singer tweeted to a fan. 

Halsey got the last word in, and let everyone know that the comments aiming to erase her identity didn’t mean anything. She tweeted, “Imma tattoo “my daddy is black” on my forehead and then never make another joke ever again. it’s been a fun 6 years y’all,” with a laughing emoji at the end. 

Do you think the replies were necessary or would you have let her join in on the #NegroSolstice fun?