Earlier this week Halsey hilariously denied dating John Mayer after fans just couldn't grasp the idea that they are just friends. "I just had a ground breaking idea. What if...we let female artists...have friends...without assuming that they are sleeping together?" she tweeted. Now that we know there's nothing romantic, Halsey's not holding back on how she truly feels about the musician, calling him "one of the greatest."

"We've been friends for a couple years and he's really funny and smart and he gave me a lot of really good advice about staying true to myself," Halsey said on The Morning Mash Up. "The thing about him is he's a musician. He's an instrumentalist. He's one of the greatest... probably the greatest guitar player my generation has to offer. He's a songwriter and he's so, so talented."

She added: "The advice that he's given me has been really organic and it's been a lot about the art and the integrity and staying true to that because he's managed to maintain his art integrity whilst still having a tremendous amount of commercial success, which is so admirable."

Peep her full interview below.