Halsey penned an emotional raw and ultimately powerful poem that she delivered at the recent Women's March that went down in New York City, and now, she wants Donald Trump to give it a listen.

The singer, who is currently dating rapper G-Eazy, was asked a few questions by a TMZ photog and, when he commented on her poem and how heartwrenching it was, the singer seemed to be deeply appreciative of his reaction to her work. Towards the end of the video, she was (predictably) asked if she had any messages for President Donald Trump, insofar as the #MeToo movement is concerned, and her response was simple: "I hope he watches my f**king speech." Check out all of what she had to say below.

Halsey's speech began with her admitting that, in terms of form, poetry would allow her to get her message across the best. "I don't really know how to do a speech unless it rhymes," she said, before launching into a bleak recounting of how she was sexually abused as a child and how she accompanied a female friend of hers to Planned Parenthood after a rape. You can see the full transcript of the poem here and check out the video footage of her delivering the moving prose below.

Halsey has been a strong advocate for female equality and empowerment in the music industry as of late, especially after she called out the Firefly festival lineup makers for skewing too heavily to male performers. You can read all the details on that story here.