Halsey has been staying relatively low in the music sphere, in part due to her being a couple of months pregnant. The pop star sparked buzz across social media after they quietly changed the pronouns in their biography on their respective social media channels to she/they. Fans sent the songstress a wave of support, prompting the "Without Me" singer to thank them for all the love they have been sending her way.

Jason Kempin/Getty Images

She became a trending topic on Twitter on Saturday (March 13) following the updated social media bio. "I’m so happy for Halsey [because] some of their poems were about struggling w gender and identity and they have talked about it before too and I’m glad they feel comfortable to express themselves how they want to now despite what others or the media might think :,)," penned one fan on social media, detailing the previous struggles Halsey had experienced about their gender identity. 

Another fan took the opportunity to detail the proper usage of pronouns, explaining... "that you DONT just use one of them (i.e only using she/her) you use BOTH e.g. "I love halsey, they inspire me and she means a lot to me." 


Some noted more previous discussions of gender fluidity Halsey had vocalized before. "halsey discussed gender expression and fluidity in her interview w the advocate, saying they didn’t feel they were ready to ID a certain way. they mentioned some of the most difficult poems to write for iwlmiic were the ones about gender identity. and now she uses she/they. :’)," wrote the user. 

The 26-year-old pregnant star wrote "thank you," along with a red heart in an Instagram story on Saturday evening after fans showed the massive support. 

Halsey announced in January of this year that she was expecting her first child with boyfriend Alev Aydin, sharing pics of her growing baby bump with the reveal.