Halsey and G-Eazy broke up earlier this month after a year of dating with the former teasing that the rapper had possibly cheated on her during their relationship. Whether or not that's true may never be known but Halsey has been living the single life quite well, it seems, as she has been flaunting her body for her followers to oggle over. Just the other day, she came through with a thirst trap that made everybody wonder who took the photo. Nobody was wondering that when she hosted Playboy's Midsummer Night's Dream party over the weekend in Las Vegas as photographers were out in large numbers, capturing the event and thus showing off Halsey's sexy choice of wardrobe: a silky, black lingerie thong bodysuit.

The party was at Marquee in Las Vegas and while it is usually held at the Playboy mansion, they decided to switch things up with a different venue. Halsey was the host of the event, performing and revealing herself through the suggested attire of the evening: sleepwear and lingerie. Of course, the singer was surrounded by Playboy bunnies at the party so she was not the only one living it up to the fullest.

Clearly, the artist is getting over her break-up and is ready to move on. Her relationship status is unclear at the moment but we're sure she could land a new partner with the snap of a finger if she wanted.