Halsey and G-Eazy experienced a pretty messy break-up last year before she linked up with rockstar Yungblud. The two recording artists were seemingly inseparable for a while, making headlines together for the right and wrong reasons. We'll never forget the time Halsey and Gerald were caught snorting an unknown substance on a yacht. Good times... Last night, Halsey was in the crowd at the MTV Video Music Awards and every time the camera panned over to her, fans thought they were experiencing dejà vu. The man seated directly next to the pop star looked suspiciously like G-Eazy but alas, it was not him. Fans still went a little crazy though.

Bryan Bedder/Getty Images

For much of the evening, Halsey could be seen catching up with Bella and Gigi Hadid but when she was in her seat, fans noticed that the dude right next to her looked a lot like her ex-boyfriend. "The dude sitting next to Halsey is the Walmart brand G-eazy," wrote one fan on Twitter. Others were genuinely curious about whether she was back with the Bay Area rapper or not. 

One fan pointed out that the man is actually Halsey's manager, which would make much more sense. However, that has not been confirmed. She walked the red carpet without him and was not seen mingling much with him either. Were you confused when you saw him in the audience? Check out some photos via The Blast.