It was recently reported that the federal government has lost track of thousands of unaccompanied immigrant children that were placed in sponsor homes. CNN reports that more than 40,000 immigrant kids were given homes, but now the government can't tell you where even 1,500 of them are. 

This news is, of course, disturbing and tragic all at the same time and Halsey isn't treading lightly towards Ivanka Tump, whose father, Donald Trump, holds a lot of the responsibility. "I wonder what #SundayMorning is like for the parents of 1500 lost children your father is responsible for. Fuck your #SundayMorning," Halsey replied to Ivanka's photo of her and her son.  

A few Twitter users had Ivanka's back, replying to the "Alone" singer telling her it's not her fault. Even more users seemed to be on Halsey's side with numerous tweets blasting her for her tone-deaf post. Check out some reactions below - what do you guys think?