Halsey is a chameleon in everyday life. She has served fresh look consistently, switching her fashion and hairstyle with ease over the years. Her Halloween slay comes as no surprise within this context. The "Without Me" singer stunned everyone with her comic book villain transformation. She nailed her Poison Ivy costume, giving Rita Ora's Poat Malone drag a healthy contender for Hollow's Eve title of best dressed.

Her interpretation of Poison Ivy is even hotter than most visual references of the Batman character, notably Uma Thurman's styling in the 1997 Batman & Robin. Rather than sporting sheer green tights to cover her legs, Halsey opted for body paint beautified with a vine twirled up to one of her thighs. 

Halsey is proud of her getup and shared her enthusiasm on social media.

"fav costume of all time ever. Also can’t believe we pulled off the gorilla / poison ivy dance from Batman and Robin."

The songstress was dressed up for her very own Gotham City-themed party in Los Angeles. Her epic costume was the crown jewel of her festive efforts. Check out a clip of her performance below. Her entrance alone is satisfying. That sexy walk is freaky, perfect for the occasion.