If you're not playing Overwatch yet, you're about to start, thanks solely to Halsey.

The pop star is a well-known gamer, spending much of her time exploring virtual worlds and unwinding after a long day of rehearsals, press, and studio time by picking up the sticks and going to work. We're not sure what Halsey is playing right now but if her recent cosplay is any indication, she's currently obsessed with Overwatch

Taking to Instagram, the "Without Me" singer dressed up as D.Va from Overwatch, one of the most powerful female characters in the game. An absolute tank, D.Va can absorb all projectiles that are fired her way, which may be why Halsey was so drawn to re-create her look.

Halsey Overwatch cosplay
Mark Metcalfe/Getty Images

Of course, the recording artist gave the character a sexy spin, wearing a cute sports bra and some hot shorts and painting D.Va's signature look onto her face. Complete with gloves, the look was a hit with all of her gamer followers, but you don't even need to play Overwatch to realize how hot she looks. Halsey's cosplay transcends the gamersphere.

In other news related to the 25-year-old singer, she just dropped a collaborative single with Mashmello called "Be Kind."

Take a look at the pictures below.