Hannibal Buress' built himself as one of the most prominent comedians out right now. He's become a comedian that the hip hop community has become incredibly fond of over the years. People like Danny Brown have been vocal about how much they like it and he's worked with Open Mike Eagle, The Cool Kids and most recently, dropped a verse of Jean Grae and Quelle Chris' new single, "OhSh." However, it looks like 2018 might be the year Hannibal Buress releases an album... of music.

Hannibal Buress' DJ, Tony Trimm, recently caught up with Mr. Wavvy to discuss his future plans with Hannibal Buress and DJing. During the interview, Wavvy asked Trimm what he and Buress' future plans are. He revealed that he and Buress have worked on music and have hopes of releasing an album in the future.

"We started lightly working on some music, like an actual album," He said, "We just gotta sit down and get focused and write the album and make the beats."

Hannibal is a comedian first and foremost but they're slating on making a real musical project. Trimm says they've already worked on a juke song and that he has all the equipment to make a dope body of work.

In terms of features, Trimm says he'd like to hopefully get Bjork and Chance The Rapper. But he says it would likely end up being people they've worked with in the past. 

Hannibal Buress introduced his rap abilities back in when he first did the "Gibberish Rap" skit and even brought out Bun B in Texas to perform it.

You could check the clip below with Trimm speaking on the album around the 6:16 mark.