Hannibal Buress is known as an actor and comedian who rarely shies away from making pointed, often politicized remarks in his live stand-up routine. However, his run-in with Miami police this weekend was definitely no laughing matter.

[Image via TMZ]

According to TMZ, Buress was booked by cops in South Florida after confronting the officers in public. In fact, the comic had to be physically pushed into the back of a cruiser following a verbal altercation where Buress loudly demanded to know why he was being detained. Though it's not inherently clear from the below video why he was picked up by the cops in the first place, the gossip outlet reports that he was picked up for trespassing. However, an official at the jail Buress was held at early Sunday morning said that the official charge was for "disorderly intoxication."

There's been no word so far on whether or not Buress will pursue further legal action against the officer or officers who engaged in the verbal altercation with him. He was released early Sunday morning after posting a $500 bond. It's just the latest in a long line of unfavorable videos that have been made public of police officers getting into it with supposedly innocent bystanders, especially if they belong to a minority group. Buress, who famously outed Bill Cosby as a serial rapist in his live act before that scandal broke in major media circles, will surely have something to say about this incident before long.

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