Hannibal Buress' closed out 2017 on a pretty rough note. The famed comedian was drunk in Miami and was then arrested on charges of disorderly intoxication after he drunkenly requested Miami police to order him an Uber. Buress' got a little rowdy and started arguing with them and later refused to be detained by the police. Ultimately, he was arrested and then received charges of disorderly intoxication. However, his charges have now been dropped.

Earlier today, Buress' recent charge of disorderly intoxication has been dismissed because it was protected by his First Amendment rights, TMZ reports. The comedian's lawyer, Brian Bieber, confirmed this after their court hearing earlier this morning. 

"It's not a crime. We're pleased the prosecutors reviewed the fact and dismissed the case." Bieber said.

The videos that initially surfaced of his interaction with the police that night found Buress had police initially accusing him of trespassing. The rapper was later arrested then was freed around 6 a.m. the next morning on $500 bond.

Now that his court case isn't weighing on him, the rapper is back to working on new content. Buress currently has two movies on the way. Blockers which is set to hit theatres on April 6th and Tag which is on the way slated for a June 15th release.

In addition to the movies, his DJ confirmed they have a hip hop album in the works. It's still in the development stages but hopefully, this album or mixtape ends up dropping before the end of the year.