Although Hannibal Buress and Kanye West are both from Chicago, there may not have always been the best of vibes flowing between the two celebrities. In a recent interview, the Eric Andre-affiliated comedian revealed that he at one time recorded a diss track against Yeezy, but luckily never released it. Hannibal Buress said this to Esquire about the diss track:

“I made that diss track in June or May of 2010, and I made it just because I knew what it would do if I released it ... It wasn’t out of true Kanye hatred. I’m glad I didn’t put it out. The song was really mean, but it wasn’t from a genuine mean place. I wasn’t actually mad about him saying, ‘Fuck SNL and the whole cast.’ It was more just like I could take it and run with it since I’m working at SNL. It came from a disingenuous place, so I’m really glad looking back that I didn’t release it.”

How do you think Kanye West would react to hearing Hannibal's diss track? Would it be taken like a harmless joke? Let us know in the comments below.