4/20 is a hallowed day for many hip-hop fans; the culture demands it. Where hip-hop started as an outlier genre, and has since proceeded to swallow mainstream music and pop culture whole, so too, has this lovely green plant. A substance that was once maligned by the government, it is now being legalized around the world, and touted for its many benefits (CBD, anyone?).

It's an amazing thing to see. And as the business of marijuana expands-- something we explored in-depth for last year's 4/20 (still worth reading)-- it has also allowed for cannabis growers and producers to explore the limits of the plant, and create new, diverse strains that simply can't compare to the Mids we were (all?) smoking ten to fifteen years ago. 

As you prepare for the day, and roll up your first joint (which is most certainly not Mids), we wanted to help set the tone with our annual Wake & Bake playlist. This Spotify playlist includes some of the brave OGs that bared their love for marijuana before it was deemed mainstream (or legal), and some of the stoners that further solidified the plant in the hearts of hip-hop heads everywhere. 

curren$y 420 wake and bake

Let us know what strain you're smoking on in the comment section below, and hit play on the playlist. You can also suggest songs for the Wake & Bake playlist in the comments, we'll check out the suggestions and make updates to the playlist through out the day.