In 2013, Diddy officially delayed his birthday by 12 days. (ATTENTION!!!!! MY BIRTHDAY IS NOV 4TH BUT THIS YEAR ONLY IM CHANGING IT TO NOV 16TH. THE 4TH CAME TO EARLY IM NOT PREPARED! IM TIRED, MY SWAG IS OFF AND BOTTON LINE IS IM JUST NOT READY!") Like Diddy's numerous iterations, this change was temporary.

Today is Diddy's 48th birthday.

How shall we celebrate Diddy's birthday? By paying tribute to his most endearing quality: his wonderful sense of humor. His style: leveraging his natural charisma at the service of tongue-in-cheek declarations that simultaneously self-deprecate and self-affirm Diddy's ironclad belief in himself—the same that brought him obscene wealth and motivated him to run the New York City marathon—freed him to indulge his weirdest comedic impulses. Hip hop has no shortage of comedians—e.g. Eminem, ScHoolboy Q, Vince Staples, Tyler, the Creator, Cam'ron, Action Bronson—but even among these luminaries, Diddy stands out. One of the biggest difference between him, Jay Z, and Dr. Dre, the three rap moguls pursuing membership of the three comma club, is that he is funny as fuck.

In some ways, the the only hip hop figure who rivals Diddy's comedic mind is 50 Cent, a.k.a. the man who promised to donate $750,000 to charity of Floyd Mayweather, the talented and possibly illiterate boxer, could read one page from Harry Potter book.  It is fitting that the Great Vodka War Of 2015 pitted these two men against each other. The War wasn't about vodka at all. It was about ego, wit, and showmanship. Hilarity ensued.