The fourth of July is a day for celebration. Shooting fireworks, going to pool parties, grilling burgers and hot dogs, and drinking beer are perhaps the four most critical activities on Independence Day. Possibly watching the Will Smith flick in the name of 'Murica would also suffice. America turns 242 years old today, which is relatively young for a country. The nation might be engrossed in a political feud, but everyone can put their differences aside to celebrate the creation of the country. 

Throughout the course of hip-hop's existence, several artists have revealed their own take on the American Dream, or what it means to live in America. While some views may be grim or disheartening, others praise the lifestyles that they were able to attain in a country where anything can happen. Songs like "Fight the Power" by Public Enemy, or "God Bless Amerika" by Lil Wayne are meant to be introspective pieces. On the other side of the spectrum, Jeezy and Nas' "My President" and Petey Pablo's "Raise Up (USA Flag Remix)" were created to bring people together in a positive light.

Whether you're celebrating the fourth of July at a pool party, at a cookout, with family and friends, or alone, these songs can be your playlist for the holiday. Here are ten of the most patriotic hip-hop songs of all-time.