A North Carolina man recently stepped into Hardee's restaurant for a breakfast and was appalled by the small Hash Rounds order he received. According to the Charlotte Observer, Tommy Martin filed a civil rights lawsuits because he felt that his was violated when he didn't get the usual amount of hashbrowns as expected. Martin believes he was treated unfairly and given such a small portion because he is black. "It’s not a money issue. I just want to be treated fairly," he explained. Martin's lawsuit ties in that he was the victim of racial discrimination by the manager of the restaurant. At first, when Martin complained, the cashier offered to give him a larger order, but Martin refused.

Erik S. Lesser/Getty Images

Moreover, when he reached out to the manager to inquire about the potato portion and he recalls: "The manager came back and said that [is] what you get." He then alleges that he went home "with a tear in [his] eye." and thought he had to do something to correct the issue. Martin was refunded for the Hash Rounds order but still plans on going forward with the lawsuit. As of yet, the restaurant's CEO and owner of Hardee's has yet to respond.