Harley Quinn quickly became a fan favorite from the moment she first debuted on Batman: The Animated Series. The critically acclaimed cartoon show was filled with classic characters an episodes, and also brought die-hard Batman fans the familiar Mark Hamill and Kevin Conroy dynamic. The Joker and Batman, respectively, were voiced by those two men for years following the success of the show. Harley Quinn also survived after the animated series ended, and was transferred into the comic books where she has remained an important part of Batman lore. 

DC is launching their new streaming service DC Universe, and the platform will contain several exclusive new shows. Harley Quinn will be getting her own self-titled animated series on DC Universe, and a first trailer has been released for New York Comic Con. The trailer places Quinn in a jail cell with Poison Ivy, and the two interact with the audience as they announce the new series. Voiced by Big Bang Theory’s Kaley Cuoco, Quinn takes a shot at DC's reputation for producing dark brooding films and Marvel's defunct Deadpool Animated Series. It appears breaking the fourth wall will be an important aspect of the new cartoon. Batman even shows up for a quick appearance. 

DC Universe’s Harley Quinn drops in 2019.